I am so gratified that all of Carolyn's research brought us to you. Jacki is where she needs to be, where she may have never gotten to without your direction. My presence at our initial meeting was, as I'm sure you are aware, to support Carolyn. I couldn't pay up when she asked if I would help lead an intervention, but I knew it was well beyond me. My prayers were answered when you and she and I met. My place is on the periphery as support wherever and whenever that is appropriate. I am continuing to encourage Carolyn to turn concerns to your direction so you have a complete picture of it all. Thank you, Ken, for all that you are doing to help Jacki and her family. My prayers are with you and all of those individuals in this amazing process of recovery and caring.

M, Rochester NY



We contacted Ken to help us with our son who had become addicted to cocaine. After our first meeting, we felt confident that Ken would be able to offer us help to a problem that we thought, at that time, had no solution. Ken was very open, friendly and compassionate about helping us help our son. He assured us that recovery was not only possible, but very probable, given the correct circumstances. We worked closely with Ken over the next weeks and months. After many tears and much hard work, our son is on the road to recovery. We are sincerely grateful to Ken for his help. His knowledge, guidance and listening heart-all helped to make our family whole again.

D & M, Fond Du Lac, WI



We were initially referred to Ken Sieczkowski by Roger's Memorial Hospital. At our first meeting we all felt very comfortable with Ken's open honest, and positive approach. Being in recovery himself-he personally understood what our teenage son was going through. When Ken suggested an intervention for our son, I was hesitant and did not think our son would agree to it. We followed Ken's instructions and the remarkable intervention went very smoothly and our son agreed to the inpatient treatment. Taking Ken's advice and recommendations into consideration, we chose Cumberland Heights in Nashville, Tenn. Our son spent 30 days inpatient where he was educated in drug/alcohol addiction. We too were educated and now understand that recovery is a life long process. Live every day "One Day at a Time", Where NA meetings and family support are vital to the recovery process. Over the months, Ken has developed a great rapport with our teenager and has been instrumental in our son's recovery. Ken was the right counselor for our family situation. We are grateful for his expertise and guidance.

R & D, West Bend, WI



Hey Ken Sieczkowski,

It's M over here in Rockford, I just want to thank u very much Ken for helping my Mom threw this. And most important Helping me find the Right Path. This is just such a great program it's unbelievable. I love it here so much. When I was in Detox it was kind of boring, but now I am in treatment and It's incredible. I love these guys like brothers. Like I told everyone else in my family that I think these guys no more about me than anyone in my family. Its great expressing your feelings and talking about them It helps so much. I don't even want to use. This addiction fucked my life up but you know what I'm gonna bounce back from this all. My Mom's talking about a halfway house. I just want to say Ken, you and I know were both addicts and we can relate... and you know what Ken right when I met you I know we would connect, your such a great guy and I give u so much credit on staying sober as long as you did so far, and you are still kicking and fighting the every day struggle. I'm learning so much in here and that is all because of you Ken, THANKS SO MUCH BRO