How It Works


When dealing with sensitive issues such as addiction, we understand that strict confidentiality is a must. Seeing that most of our families' loved ones are executives, professionals and entertainers we have developed a model that ensures quality care, respect, courtesy and the highest levels of service while maintaining complete ethical integrity.


As a result, we tailor each intervention to the family or individuals' needs. Every intervention offers different dynamics, therefore we offer individualized treatment planning and can conduct meetings at your location.


Overall, things don't have to get worse to get better. An intervention provides the family an opportunity to initiate change. By making a decision to intervene, the family has decided to ask for help. This is pivotal in the change process. By utilizing a trained interventionist, and with the family’s love and support, the intervention will be successful.


ICS has a phenomenal 90% success rate of getting patients into treatment. Our primary purpose is to get your loved one the treatment they need as quickly as possible. In addition, to empowering families to help themselves and find freedom from problem behaviors.