Group Therapy


This is a great way to provide peer support and clinical treatment. We can also help find a IOP program in your location that is most appropriate for the patient.

Individual Therapy


Some individuals are not comfortable in a group setting, therefore individual therapy would be most appropriate.

Case Management


We provide a wrap around model of services. This ensures that there are no gaps. It provides residential treatment in their own home.


We provide case management services throughout the continental US and some cities abroad. This ensures accountability of individuals after discharge from a treatment facility. Their discharge summary will be locked in a secure data base along with progress notes and continuum of care status notes to ensure the identified person is on the road to recovery. This data base will hold all the pertinent information for a treatment team to make comprehensive decisions regarding their recovery process.

AODA Coach


These are paraprofessionals that are specifically matched for each client. They help facilitate meeting attendance, sponsorship, healthy living skills, healthy leisure activities, and offer a transition into a healthy support network.

Drug Testing


We offer hair and urine drug testing. This will be generated by our Case Management Services which can identify, proactively, random testing. The attendance/behaviors will indicate warning signs and will immediately order a test.